Bio: Think idealistic 50′s housewife meets modern career driven woman with a sweet and a dark side and you’ve probably got a small picture of my eclectic and a little bit schizophrenic (in a non-mental health way) mind. From wannabe domestic goddess in the kitchen to green fingered garden god hopeful to crafting enthusiast to career driven workaholic to laze-about loaf, I am it all. I want it all and I want it now, delivered. A typical gen Y attitude, I know. But, unlike many of my fellow gen Y’ers, I am prepared to work for it. And work hard.

Blog: Dear sister is an eclectic mix of my thoughts and wonderings, adventures and activities, opinions and brain farts. It is purely written for myself with the intention of writing as I would talk to my sister. As life has it, we don’t live in the same town anymore and she is finding her own way along her own path in life at the moment so we don’t get to talk as much we would both like. If you are following along, Be aware.  . . My ramblings end up all over the show!


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