6 years ago we had a serious incident occur in our family. My sister was 12. Now, at 18 she is still struggling with it. Nobody really knew how to handle the situation with her. As a result, she still really struggles with it all. Today, we decided to go and see a channeling numerologist / medium. She didn’t really give us the closure that my sister was wanting. Needing. 

But, despite us not being there for that, she told me that my relationship is destined to be doomed in the next couple of months. She told me that I need to listen to my intuition about my relationship. She has put my mind into turmoil. Currently, the Mr and I are not on good terms and he is staying at his Mums. Probably not a good time to hear these things. On the other side, I felt like she was talking about her past relationships the entire time. 

Why does something always need to throw a cat among the pigeons? Why did Pam have to get sidetracked? I want clarity. 


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