Auntie Me

Every now and then you get blindsided in one way or another. It could be something that is totally positive or something that is totally not. I’ve had a couple of each of those moments lately. The most memorable… My brother calling to tell me that I am going to be an Auntie for the first time! Wooohooo! I am super excited. Also, a little apprehensive because I am not sure if we will get to see the baby much or anything as my sister in law can be a total bitch and doesn’t like to see our family much. But, my brother is having a baby. I am beyond excited! I have lots of present buying to do over the next few months! Yipee!


One thought on “Auntie Me

  1. Congratulations! Having a nephew/niece is great! You can spoil someone who isn’t your own child.Hehehe I had my first nephew when I was 12 years old. He’s now 14 and I miss the little version of him. Haha. I hope you can see the baby often! 🙂

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