Am I ever going to figure out who I am?

I am fighting this constant battle with and for myself. I feel like I should know who I am by now. But, I don’t.

There is one thing though. One thing that I have realised about myself in the last year or so. I guess I always knew it was important to me, just not the significance it played in my life and who I am, until recently. 

Passion (and zeal). 

I do everything with passion. Life, to me, has to be lived with passion. Every moment (good and bad), is more … full if you live it with passion. To me, life is more exciting with passion. It is an enabler to happiness, exploration, learning, confidence and inspiration. I tackle everything with passion.

I find that not only is passion important to me, but I need it to be important to the people who surround me. If not in everything, then in something. To me, you HAVE to be passionate about something in life. If not, life itself. 

I still may be torn in this push-pull + up – down roller coaster trying to figure out who I am, but I do know that passion is in me. Passion is how I tackle life. 


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