More mountains?

Sometimes, when you are pushing forward and being positive, life has this way of slapping the smile off your face, adding weight on your shoulders and cutting you off at the knee. It’s hard to stay positive when life doesn’t want you to. Conquering mountains is really helping me out though. 

Yesterday wasn’t mountains but it sure felt like it.


Some 330 + Steps later. 


The view was amazing. My house is somewhere in the middle of the second view. It was even more breath taking in person. 

Cameras just cannot portray the real beauty in something sometimes. 

The Queen and I have recently discovered that the walkway actually has 400+ steps and once we got to what we thought was the top, was only the first clearing in a 7km long walk. Tomorrow, we are going to go back and probably cringe in pain up each and every step, just to try and continue this positive outlook thing. 


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