Liebster Award… say what?



I’ve got to admit, a wee while ago (when I first started my blog) I read something about a Liebster Award and completely dismissing it because I had no idea what on earth it was all about. After being nominated for one just the other day, I felt compelled by curiosity to do some investigating. And, as you can imagine my search was both fruitful and fruitless. I got such a varied range of information and I still wasn’t sure what it really was. But, now, I think I have the gist of it. Someone likes your blog, lets you know, you answer some questions and create some of your own for the people you nominate. So thanks, The Chocolate Teapot for nominating me and letting me know you like my blog.

Effectively, the rules are:

* The nominated user has to provide a link back to the person who nominated them.

* Provide eleven facts about yourself.

* Answer eleven questions set by the person who nominated you.

* Choose eleven more people, and ask them eleven questions. Although, this number seems to vary from somewhere between 3 and 20 something).

I’m not gonna lie. Once I read the rules, I instantly thought chain letter. You know, those old school ones that you used to get sent by a friend and then you had to post it to 6 friends and add more to the list. And then you would get sent the same letter again by another friend and have to start again. In those days computers were nowhere near as common and printing was even more expensive than it is now so you had to hand write that bad boy each and every time too. Where was I? Oh yes, I thought chain letter. But, then I thought better of it and was stoked that somebody actually likes my blog!! Shocked but pleased.

Anywho…. my eleven facts.

1: I am a qualified teacher but have spent most of my working life working part time / casual in a supermarket.

2: I am chicken obsessed. I would own a chicken farm with thousands of chickens if I could.

3: I have an allergy to cold water (cold urticaria).

4: I love the smell of coffee and KFC but the taste is always, always disappointing.

5: Finding yourself if something they say you start to do in your 20’s. I am still a long LONG way from that.

6: I get embarrassed when I make a mistake or do something incorrectly. Even more so when I’ve made a stupid decision.

7: I talk to myself when driving alone. A lot.

8: I sometimes hate that I ‘cleanse’ my life of people that are having a negative impact on me at the time and then see them doing really great things with their lives.

9: I hate talking about myself, especially in situations such as a job interview.

10: I use commas far too often in my writing.

11: I’m glad writing these 11 facts is over.

And, the questions for me. . .

If you could choose any era to live in (including modern day), what would you choose?

Such a toughie. I often think modern day, despite its many many flaws but then I get torn between every era of the past too. Each has something I think would suit me to a tee.

What has been your favourite post to write so far?

Hmmm probably this one about the wind and temperature. Also the most frustating. . . because I don’t know if I will ever know :/

In a zombie apocalypse, what weapon do you choose?

Gin. To drink myself away from the cacophony.

Do seals have to write essays, and what would they write them on?

No. Life is too carefree to be writing essays if you are a seal.

If you were stranded on a desert island and could pick one person to have with you, who would it be?

As much as I love those around me, I don’t think I could choose one person so, I would take a little of all of them. And then, make my own person to take (who loved me as much as all of them put together). Justin’s sense of humor and lovingness, my sisters sense of fun and appropriate immaturity, my parents love and perfectionism, my brothers work ethic, my best friends caring and sense of adventure. The list could go on, but that person would be perfect and a little representation of everybody.

If you could choose to be any animal, what would you be?

Dolphin (technically a mammal), chicken, dog, moose?

What’s your idea of a good evening?

This changes all of the time. It depends on my mood, the weather, where I am at the time. I can usually make a good time out of anything so I’m easily pleased.

Favourite book?

Ooo so many to choose from. When I was an early teen it was Take It Easy by David Hill. Now, I read too much to be sure but maybe Devine Evil by Nora Roberts.

If you didn’t write, what would fill the gap?

Writing fills the gap. It is not a priority for me.

What’s your happiest memory?

Without a word of a lie, I don’t have one. There is lots and lots and lots!

If you had one wish, what would you wish for?

World Peace? No, fairness to all? Reduced poverty?


Goodness, But I must carry on.

Now, I follow a few blogs and they are all pretty great. A couple really stand out to me though. The Hungry Cub is a blog full of delicious goodies. Humping Heart is a funny yet emotional journey about one girls quest to get her guy back. The Garden Smallholder is a little look at someones way of living with a small allotment. Something I hope I never have to do, but really enjoy reading her take on the garden. That’s all my nominees for now as I am only new around here so I don’t follow too many blogs.

And finally, my 11 questions should you want to answer them. These are all things I’ve wondered in the past in general so feel free to answer anyway, if you like.

1: Why do you start blogging? What compeled you start a blog?

2: What is your craziest memory with your best friend?

3: If you had to escape a fire and could only take one item with you, what would it be?

4: What do you think is the most endearing quality in somebody?

5: What is your pet hate?

6: What is your guilty pleasure?

7: Where do you see yourself in your 50’s (if you aren’t already)?

8: Guilty pleasures. We all have them. What’s yours?

9: What’s your favourite part of your morning routine?

10: Is there something you love (to do/watch/eat/listen to) even though others hate you (doing/watching/eating/listening) to it?

11: If you could go anywhere tomorrow, where would it be?

And, done.


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