A little rain

All last night, it sounded like someone was pulling down a manual garage door, all night, and well into the morning. Strange, I know. Turns out it was thunder rolling around the Western Bay of Plenty for most of the night.

Yesterday, it was rain driving into the windows sounding like it was cracking the window with each droplet and the trees gracefully swaying until they were almost bent in half before they swayed back the other way.

Totally unexpected. A month ago, they had given us weeks of warnings to heed. Batten down the hatches, tie anything that moves down and prepare not to go anywhere. This weekend, some light rain for most of the country. That was all. The result of both, was vastly different. Obviously. . . but not.

Cyclone Lusi was a little rain and a little wind. The warnings were over the top and everybody moaned and groaned that the weather man had got it wrong again. The light rain was a downpour for hours and hours, with winds that blew trees down and tiles off roofs, flooded many areas across the North Island and shut numerous roads. That light rain is currently smashing the South Island leaving a similar path of destruction.

BOP weather2

The meme depicts it perfectly. I’m not sure where it came from, but its perfect. Pictures from both weather forecasts.

BOP weather

The little rain also caused this.

little rain - our lawn

This photo was when I woke up after a  little rain and they had begun issuing severe thunderstorm warnings.

Needless to say, before work yesterday was spent ensuring that the water accumulating on the lawn could drain away, that the garage didn’t flood, that the chickens were warm and safe and that the chimney stopped leaking.

I know we got off lightly. I know. But, I have to wonder, how on earth do the weather people get it so wrong? More often than not, their predictions are incorrect.

I wonder, could I do a better job? Should that be where my career path leads from here?

Here’s hoping that no property around the country is too damaged and that a little bit of fine weather returns soon.


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