A bitch and a moan

Sometimes, when you start being a bitch, it’s hard to stop. Sometimes you know you are being a total bitch. Sometimes it just comes naturally and unexpectedly. Lately. I’ve been a total bitch and I know it but I cannot seem to stop myself. 

With my friend living with us and intending to stay longer now to help us and her out, there has been a whole raft of problems that have arisen both expected and not. 

Lately, however, two things have really really been grinding my gears. Laziness and complaining one has no money. 

Laziness. We’re all lazy at some point or another – lets not lie about it here. Some more than others. I cannot claim to be any less lazy than anybody else (especially as I am still in bed typing this at nearly ten in the morning). But, my parents have forever instilled in me ‘do a job when it needs doing and do it properly’. No half pie Harry. Procrastination was never allowed in our house. To this day I feel bad if I put something off that I could be doing now. Lately I’ve been battling ‘it’ with the people in my house. They are the King and Queen of procrastination. Although, I think I am getting through to the ‘King’. With the ‘Queen’, there is always an excuse. The other day it was rubbish day so I emptied one rubbish bin into the bag to go out onto the roadside and hinted that she should do the one in the kitchen. Her retaliation was, ‘I refuse to do it because the rubbish bin (the one to be emptied) is too small’. I mean, what kind of excuse is that? Yesterday I also had to take the recycling in to the transfer station as the bins were already over full. It’s quite close to my work and I was going to meet her there as she was out and about. When I text to say I was nearly there the response I got was that she had hurt her foot and needed to go to the toilet. It turns out her foot was OK but I think she wanted some attention for falling over and how long does it take to go to the toilet? Really? I’m trying to be realistic here as I know I have high expectations but seriously? Would that drive anybody else crazy or am I just being an over sensitive bitch? The latter is highly likely the more I think about it. 

Money. It is always a tough subject. Nobody ever seems to have enough and everybody stresses about it at some point. With my little part time job I always seem to be stressing about it at the moment. Although, having at least some work gives me a little independence again. But, there is one thing that drives me around the bend when talking about money. People that complain that they have no money, yet it seems to keep appearing. That person who whenever you ask them if they want to do something has the excuse, ‘I have no money’ yet the next day they are out buying clothes or buying booze for a night out. The person who says, ‘I have no money’ but can go and spend $20 on junk food when you ask them to contribute to the household grocery bill. 

Whenever I have something that comes up that I have no money for I respond with something along the lines of, ‘I haven’t got enough money in my budget for that this week sorry’ or ‘I’d love to but I can’t stretch that far this week’ or ‘Sorry but I literally have X amount left this week and I need to hold onto it in case something comes up’. And, when I explain that to people, they usually understand. And, when I say that to people, it is genuine. Occasionally I will say to people, I have no money and I mean, I have no money. My bank account will have all of a few cents in it for the remainder of that week. And, it is simply because I have no money and I have to say that. Don’t tell me that you have no money and complain about being broke when you clearly have money and you want to shirk responsibility and get a free meal or when you just want to spend your money on something else. I’d much rather you were honest with me and said ‘I’ve planned to have a night out tomorrow so can’t afford to go to the comedy show tonight’ or something along those lines. Or just say you don’t want to do whatever it is that I/someone else has asked about. And, if it is a responsibility like food for the household groceries that you eat from, budget for it. 

I could go on with the list of things that are pissing me off about the ‘Queen’ lately but we would be here all day. And, as I said before, I’ve got my bitch hat on and I am struggling to take it off as it is. 

Rant over. 


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