I’m not gonna lie. I can be a bit of a weirdo at times and the craziest things make me happy. Today, it was the toaster. Or rather, a new cleaning tip I learned from The Real Life Housewife

In our house we have a couple of stainless appliances. The toaster and the jug are the most used, most obvious and most seen. They have been slowly eating away at my sanity lately. I have not been able to get them clean no matter what I try. You name it, I thought I’d tried it. Then I came across the Real Life Housewife link on Facebook. 

I’m one to give anything a go at least once. So, without any skepticism, I found the cream of tatar, a rag, paper towels and gave the toaster ‘the eye’. I sauntered over to it (so it wouldn’t suspect anything untoward of course!) and whipped out my pre-prepared cleaning side kicks and got to work on that toaster. I wiped and wiped, using a little (but not too much) elbow grease to get that thing clean. 

Little did I know, it would actually work. My toaster is cleaner than it has been since it was new! It now sits proudly on our bench top, shining away. And me? My sanity is slowly being restored and the jug knows what’s coming next! 


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