The wild wind wondering

Ok, so I am mostly posting this to get it off my mind. It is driving me crazy. I am sure it is a simple question with a simple answer but it is plaguing my mind. When I am in the car driving down the road, it’s on my mind. When I have a spare minute at work, it’s on my mind. When the ad breaks are on TV, it is on my mind. 

Are we humans and animals the only ones that feel the cool (or sometimes warmth) of the wind? I know that the sun generates warmth and not having sun doesn’t (and all the technical, scientific blah blah that goes with that). But, if, for instance, I was to leave a bar of chocolate on a warm, sunny, still day, it would melt. Undeniably. If I left the same kind of chocolate bar out on a sunny and breezy day, would it still melt? I’d assume so. At the same rate? Now, here is where I am confused. If I were sitting outside at staring at the chocolate bar trying my hardest not to eat it on both days, I would feel comparatively different. On the first day I might be wearing shorts and a tee and on the second I might need a light or second layer on because of the cool breeze. Would my chocolate still melt? 

My mind just cannot come up with an answer that makes sense. I always find an argument to retaliate with. 

Maybe I need to conduct a small very un-technical experiment. But do I want to risk all that delicious chocolate melting before my very eyes?


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