I am a digitial girl living in a digital world.

Imagine me driving down the road, singing to the tune of Material Girl by Madonna but changing the lyrics to ‘I am a digital girl living in a digital world’ or something to that effect. Not only am I driving and singing, I have the windows down and I am singing at the tippy top of my lungs. Now, everybody driving past with their window down even a fraction can hear me! It’s not pretty…. not pretty at all. 

But why oh why was I singing that song and why oh why am I writing about it here? Well, in January I bought a new phone and was pretty excited about it. It was so quick to do things, it had a semi-decent camera, it had a decent amount of storage and it wasn’t all scratched up – A huge contrast to my old phone. It became quickly evident though, that it wasn’t all I thought it was going to be. It wouldn’t hold its charge. I went back to the shop and they gave me a new charger. A couple of months later, it started happening again…. twice as bad and turning off and on, losing charge, gaining charge and not charging when it felt like it. Took it back to the shop I got it from and they told me it was probably the battery and not the charger at all. So, they took it and sent it away. They gave me a loan phone to tie me over until I get my phone back. 

The loan phone. It is not smart. It does not connect to the internet, you have to hold the phone still for at least 30 seconds after taking a photo for the 2 mega pixel camera not to distort and blur the picture totally, you can text, you can call but without speaker phone, you have to manually lock the phone each time you want to lock it, there is no single tones for messages and the screen is itsy bitsy teeny weeny. 

Initially, I was all positive about them loaning me a phone. Quickly, that feeling turned to ‘they have cut off my right hand!!!’ I sat in traffic and I couldn’t check my bank balance or e-mails, I couldn’t look up the address/route to the store that I needed to get to, I couldn’t make a phone call in the car without having the police pull me up because my phone wasn’t on hands free, I couldn’t check facebook every five minutes. When I was called up to work, I couldn’t just consult my phones calendar to see what my plans were for that day. 

At school, with parents and friends, I have always preached digital literacy and how reliant we are on digitalness in this ‘day and age’. Little did I realise, just how reliant. Now that my right hand has been cut off (figuratively), I am becoming increasingly aware. 

And too add, today, I was reminded again. I had to up our data limit at home because Jess (my friend mentioned in an earlier post) has stayed a little longer and we’ve had to double our monthly data! Oh digitalness (yes I did make that word up)…. Oh how you wormed your way into my life in such a huge huge way! 


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