I have always loved sewing (I think its the process of creating something from ‘nothing’). I always get excited when I see the finished product. Even more excited if I actually like what has been created. But…. lately. Since we moved here to the coast, I haven’t even picked up my sewing machine or my over locker. They were both still sitting exactly where I put them when we unpacked 😦

It seems like I digress but I promise it will make sense.

Next weekend, my brother is getting married. I cannot believe it!! I never thought I’d be so emotional over it. I’m excited, worried, nervous, a little envious but mostly nervous and in disbelief. As a sister of the groom, I feel like the dress that I wear is going to be ever important. The brides family will be sitting there judging me, I will see family I haven’t seen in a while and its a great time to dress up! It’s only a casual wedding but the week I found out they were getting married, I happened upon a formal dress and so I bought it. I’ve since decided that it needs a few tweaks. Straps, the chiffon part need a little altering and a couple of other little things to make it more ‘me’. As the wedding is next weekend, I really needed to get onto doing these things…pronto! Being that I am working all week with huge days, I had to get onto doing it… extra pronto! So, after work I pulled out the fabric, the dress, the sewing machine, the over locker and all the other bits I needed.

It seemed, I had found my sew-jo again. It was so good to get stuck in a just do something for myself again. I have a renewed sense of who I am again today. It is such an amazing feeling. Now, all I have to do is worry about what shoes I am going to wear, find a jacket to go with the dress as it is getting a lot cooler in the evenings and get back to being nervous and excited about my brother getting married. EEK!


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