*Sniff sniff*

It sounds weird, I know. I will warn you of that now. This morning a guy at work walked past me. He was smelly… in a deliciously man-smell kind of way (I told you it was weird). Instantaneously the smell was familiar. I looked at his face. Nope, never seen him before in my life! My mind went into overdrive trying to recall where I recognised that smell from. I felt like it was something associated with someone good or a happy time. Good memories and good times. Still trying to figure out where that smell is in my past but I walked around for the next half hour or so with a big, dorky grin on my face. I can’t even recall the smell anymore but isn’t it funny how a smell can bring back the past for just a little while. 

Just so we are clear, it probably wasn’t the man himself but more the smell he had adorned himself with. Man fumes. 


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