High School – 10 years ago

Here I was, happily chatting away to my good friend Scott on Skype when I suddenly realised that 10 years ago I left high school. 10 years ago! I cannot believe it! It still feels like only the other day I was still there. Heck, I still talk about it like it was only a few months ago and not nearly a decade ago! At the end of this year, 10 years ago, I would be embarking on the ‘real’ world. Little did I know what the ‘real’ world had in store for me. 

In the past, Scott would often ask what was in my 1/2/5 year plans. I’ve never been much of a life planner. What happens, happens. But, in many ways, I am living my dream. A beautiful house in the country (albeit rented), chickens, productive garden, teaching degree. In other ways, things have not gone the way I thought they would at all. I thought, if I had kids, I would be having them about now (maybe because my Mum had me at this age but I am still thankful everyday that I don’t have kids yet), I thought I might own a house, I definitely thought my career would be well under way too! 

Funny how life turns out (frustrating sometimes too!) 


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